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At Kathmandu's, we understand that every dog is unique and special in its own way. That's why we offer our Himalayan Cheese Yak Chew for small dogs. Our chews are made from all-natural Himalayan cheese and yak milk, and are the perfect size for smaller breeds. Not only is it a great way to keep your pup entertained, but it's also a healthy and delicious snack for them to enjoy. Our Himalayan cheese yak chew is a great way to show your pup some extra love

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Small pups can be big chewers with our yak chews for small dogs! Kathmandu’s Himalayan Yak Chew aids your furry friend with the development of healthy teeth and keeps them busy throughout the day, whether outside or inside.

Shop our yak bones one time or use our monthly subscription and keep the yak chews coming to your door! Our bones are always freshly sourced from the pristine Himalayan foothills and shipped out from Georgia.

Buy your handcrafted yak chews for small dogs here and be sure your furry friend is happy today! For any questions, please contact us here and we're happy to help. 

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