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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Kathmandu's Himalayan Cheese Yak Chew is an all-natural dog food made with only the freshest ingredients. We are passionate about providing the best nutrition for your four-legged friends and are committed to creating healthy, delicious food that they will love.

Our FAQ section is full of helpful information about our product, so take a peek and find out what makes Kathmandu's Yak Chew unique. We guarantee that your pup will be happy and healthy with every bite.

  • I am not sure what size Kathmandu's Chew is suitable for my dog?
    Bigger is better. Therefore we suggest relatively bigger chews regardless of the reference chart below, except for poodles. Small chew: for dogs under 15 lbs Medium chew: for dogs under 35 lbs Large chew: for dogs under 55 lbs XLarge chew: for dogs under 80 lbs Jumbo XLarge chew: for larger breeds
  • Can I place a special order?
    If you would like to custom order, simply write to us at with the subject line "custom order inquiry" and we will respond you within 24 hours
  • What is the proper storage condition for Kathmandu's Chew?
    Store in a cool dry place, preferably at room temperature ( 72 F). Avoid humidity and direct sunlight. Leftover chew can be stored at room temperature for at least two years. Do not store in a sealed container unless it is completely dry. Do not refrigerate. In order to increase the shelf life of a chew, please unwrap and store in a cool and dry ventilated area
  • I liked the minimal natural ingredients but the chews are too soft for my dog?
    We have done a tremendous amount of researches in order to make the chew hard enough for canine's dental hygiene. However, depending on the breed type and the age of a dog, some dogs may still find it soft. If you like to improve the longevity in chew time or enhance hardness, please take your chew off the packet and store it loose at room temperature (cool and dry place) for a week or so. It helps chew naturally loose residual moisture off the chew and increases hardness.
  • I liked the minimal natural ingredients but the chews are too HARD for my dog?
    We have done a tremendous amount of researches in order to make the chew hard enough for canine's dental hygiene. However, depending on the breed type, age of a dog, and dental health, some dogs may still find it too HARD. Note that Kathamandu's - Himalayan - Natural Dog Chew is simply a smoked hard cheese. Letting your dog chew for some time make chew softer. However, if you want to make it softer before giving it to your dog, please soak a portion of chew in warm water for few minutes, dab with a paper towel, and give it to your dog to enjoy. If you are still concerned, please discard chews and contact us for a full refund. We guarantee satisfaction with every purchase of our products.
  • How to Prepare Crunchy Puff (Nugget) from an End Piece?
    Microwave a small end piece of a Chew for 60 seconds. Continue to add five seconds consequently as needed until the portion gets puffed. Let the puff cool down for a few minutes before feeding your dog. For the best result, please soak the end piece in warm water for five minutes right before microwave.
  • Returns & Refunds
    Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our products are 100% money-back guaranteed
  • Legal Disclaimer
    Kathmandu's Natural Dog Chew is a safe and hygienic alternative to a bone and other chew/treat for your dog. As other chew, rawhides, or bones, Kathmandu's Chew may possess a choking hazard if swallowed and could break or chip a tooth chewing. Please supervise your dog while chewing on this product and provide enough fresh drinking water. The chews are made without using any preservatives which may make the chew prone to fungal growth on the surface when not stored properly. Please discontinue use if you notice any potential hazards.

Have any Custom Questions?

At Kathmandu's - Himalayan Cheese Yak Chew, we understand the value in feeding your dog healthy, all-natural dog food. Our yak chews are made from 100% Himalayan cheese that has been carefully aged and cured for the perfect texture and flavor. With no added preservatives, colors, or flavors, you can rest assured that your pup is getting the best quality ingredients.

We’re proud of our product and confident that your pup will love it, too. If you have any questions about the product, don’t hesitate to reach out to us—we’re here to help.

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