How do I place an order?

Our premium grade products can be purchased online at www.kathmandus.com and online retail stores including Amazon. Our products are available in select premium local pet stores in Georgia. Please check your local pet stores nearby. 

I am not sure what size Kathmandu's Chew is suitable for my dog?
Bigger is better for dogs. Please refer ribbons above the product under "Shop" menu for the proper guidance.
Payment and Shipping

We accept PayPal and major credit/debit cards. Free standard shipping within the continental USA

Returns & Refunds

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our products are 100% money-back guaranteed. 

How to Prepare Crunchy Puff (Nugget) from an End Piece

Microwave a small end piece of a Natural Dog Chew for 60 seconds. Continue to add five seconds consequently as needed until the portion gets puffed. Let the puff cool down for three minutes before feeding to your dog. For the best result, please soak the end piece in warm water for five minutes before microwave.

What is the proper storage condition for Kathmandu's Chew?

Store in a cool dry place, preferably at room temperature ( 72 F). Avoid humidity and direct sunlight. Leftover chew can be stored at room temperature for at least two years. Do not store in a sealed container until it is completely dry.

Why Kathmandu's Natural Dog Chew?

Kathmandu's Natural Dog Chew is a safe and a hygienic alternative to a bone, rawhide, antler, nylon, and plastic chews. Unlike other hard treats available in the market, our chews are 100% natural and edible, loaded with digestible protein, low in fat and calorie. No added sugar, salt, preservatives, flavoring agent. It is completely grain and meat free. Made using 100% pasture raised cow/yak milk and a trace amount of lime juice.

Compare with ANY Himalayan yak dog chew. Our chews are BETTER or EQUIVALENT to the leading brands in the market. 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEED

Quality is the top priority for us. Please supervise your dog when feeding any dog treats including our Kathmandu's Chew. Discard any potential hazard, if present.