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Chew nuggets are approximately 1-2 cm dice each side. Not to treat your dog as is. Instead, microwave for approximately 1 minute (microwave time varies) to make a crunchy puff. Let a puff cool down to room temperature and treat your dogs with a crunchy puff! your dogs love it.


For best results soak it in warm water for about 5 minutes to absorb some moisture before microwaving. 

YAK CHEW NUGGETS ( 1 lb bag)

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  • Kathmandu’s Natural Dog Chew is a smoked hard cheese treat produced with 100% pasture-raised Himalayan cow/yak milk and a trace amount of lime juice. The smaller variant of this hard cheese locally known as “Churpi” is used as a protein supplemental human treat in Nepal and is free of chemical preservatives and foreign additives. Kathmandu's chew is a larger variant of the Churpi that keeps your dog happy and busy for hours. Best when you need to keep your dog busy indoors or outdoor - spend your precious time with your family and friends while your pooch is busy enjoying Kathmandu's dog chew. No need to worry about the dog food smell - has a mild smoked flavor, otherwise no odor.

  • Kathmandu's Natural Dog Chew is a safe and hygienic alternative to a bone and other chew/treat for your dog. As other chew, rawhides, or bones, Kathmandu's Chew may possess a choking hazard if swallowed and could break or chip a tooth chewing. Please supervise your dog while chewing on this product and provide enough fresh drinking water. Please discontinue use if you notice any potential hazard. Do not serve without microwaving it.

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