XXL Chew, 5-Count

XXL Chew, 5-Count


Hand-crafted for large breeds. These are the largest chews in the market. Contains five XXL chews. Each chew weighs approximately 9 Oz. Net weight 45 Oz/package


    Kathmandu’s Natural Dog Chew is a smoked hard cheese treat produced with 100% pasture-raised Himalayan cow/yak milk and a trace amount of lime juice. The smaller variant of this hard cheese locally known as “Churpi” is used as a protein supplemental human treat in Nepal and is free of chemical preservatives and foreign additives. Kathmandu's chew is a larger variant of the Churpi that keeps your dog happy and busy for hours. Best when you need to keep your dog busy indoor or outdoor - spend your precious time with your family and friends while your pooch is busy enjoying Kathmandu's dog chew. No need to worry about the dog food smell - has mild smoked flavor, otherwise no odor.

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